Frequently  Asked  Questions

Do I have to use the auto repair shop that the insurance company recommends?

No insurance company can insist that you have your car repaired at one of their preferred shops.


Will my car be repaired using brand new parts?

Most insurance companies will write estimates using aftermarket (non-OEM) or LKQ (used) parts. Most of the time, these parts can be used without a major problem. If these parts are very poor, then we will call the insurance adjuster to pay for OEM parts. Sometimes customers prefer to pay the price difference out of pocket to put original parts on the car.


Is my frame damaged?

There is usually frame damage on cars with unitized construction, which includes nearly all cars today. We have the proper equipment and expertise to repair any frame damage.


Is my motor okay?

A vehicle's motor is almost always okay after a collision. Sometimes a pump or pulley may be damaged, but those are easy to replace.


Will people be able to tell I was in an accident after the repairs are complete?

After we repair your car, most people (including dealers) will never know it was damaged.


Can you repair everything that was damaged in the accident?

Yes, we take care of every detail including body work, mechanical work, wheel alignment and more. Your car will be completely done when you pick it up from us.