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Reviews  &  Testimonials

“I found myself looking for a reasonable body shop for a repair and wishing I could just take it back to these guys. I'll never forget the time I showed up on a Friday after 5 p.m. with an emergency....There was no one working in the shop but the owner was there and he just ripped off the door interior and fixed it himself on the spot in half an hour -- no parts necessary -- while making pleasant conversation the whole time." -- Rina L.


"This top-shelf collision repair company is the best to deal with for every step of the way. Their work is meticulous." -- Wendy Q.


“The owners are there every day and are very caring people. They are very organized and their shop is uber clean....The greatest gift was recently when someone crashed into me and the insurance company wanted to declare my car totaled....The Norwalk Collision owners lobbied and advocated on my behalf to the insurance company, which eventually agreed to repair it. Now, the car is better than new and I have even more appreciation for Norwalk Collision. I appreciate people who view auto body work like art. They want it to be perfect and they want owners to be happy.” -- Carole T.


"Norwalk Collision really does a great job!... They really take pride in their work and care about customer service. They worked directly with the insurance company of the person who hit me and it was a seamless experience. Bravo!" -- Andrew P.


“They did an amazing job on my car. My car was basically totaled -- Norwalk Collision rebuilt my entire car in just a week and it runs absolutely perfect -- you would never know the condition it was once in. I would recommend taking your car into them for anything. They do great work and are very friendly!” -- Sarah S.


“The owners are extremely reliable, pay a great deal of attention to detail, and have always returned my car in perfect condition in a timely manner.” -- Chris S.


"These guys provide great service in a timely manner. The quality of the repair is really outstanding.... I will highly recommend them to all my friends and coworkers."  -- Gregory K. 


"Good people, great service, reasonable prices! If you are looking for any type of body work for your car, I highly recommend checking out Norwalk Collision."  -- David R.


"Great service, friendly staff. Fixed my car quickly and much cheaper than dealer." -- Charles H.